Nancy Dahan handled my divorce nine years ago, to a positive outcome. Earlier this year my ex-husband attempted to modify my spousal support, so I turned to Nancy immediately. She was able to quickly and efficiently handle my case with a great outcome for me. Everyone on her staff was wonderful to deal with, all my calls and emails were responded to quickly, and I felt like my case really mattered.

I highly recommend the Law Offices of Brown & Dahan. Nancy and her team are very professional, sophisticated, and intelligent. There hasn't been an instance where they didn't reply promptly day or night & weekends. Without question the best representation I've had experience with. Nancy, Denise and Jannet were responsive, understanding and guided me through possibly the most difficult time in my life acting both as Counsel and sincere friends, committed to my success and well-being. Can't say enough about this great team!

Brown and Dahan have been exceptional with my case. They have been with me now for three years and have helped me with a very difficult case. In fact they won for me a very difficult judgement of temporary spousal support. The judgement was denied and the ex did not get what he anticipated! What a victory and a BIG win for Brown and Dahan.

They are very knowledgeable about family law and present themselves in court as a very professional team. They are also very kind and thoughtful during a very difficult time for any woman to have to go through.

I cannot more highly recommend California family law attorney Kathleen Brown. The law offices of Brown & Dahan have over 30 years combined experience, and are the best family law attorney’s in Orange County. Kathleen has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of Family law, and she utilizes many outstanding, unique and very creative trial strategies. I remember first being intimidated by having to hire an attorney, and being that this was my first time, I didn’t know what to expect. Kathleen has an amazing ability to make you feel right at home, and has a genuine interest in helping good people get the justice they deserve. Kathleen and her team fought for me. Everyone in the Brown & Dahan office went out on a limb to get everything I asked for. And because of their work ethic, knowledge, and desire for justice, we succeeded in getting everything we requested.

For those reasons, anytime I get a call from anyone in need of a family law attorney in California, Kathleen is the first and only name I give. If Kathleen cannot help them, then it must not be family law…

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brown & Dahan for their assistance and making headaches go away. Proficient and efficient! The courtesy extended is second to none. The caring & sensitivity provided is genuine and the overall attention given to me is exactly what it should be. Not only has Nancy personally consulted and handled problems that would otherwise still be lingering, but has done so in a manner the really took the weight of my shoulders. All the heavy lifting with minimal damage. I have referred other friends to them as a direct result with my personal experience and they have all thanked me.

Highly recommended, professional, efficient, and caring law firm. Ms. Brown and Ms. Heinz handled a case for my mother that involved extensive discussion of sensitive, personal subjects, which both lawyers handled with care and compassion. Ms. Brown skillfully handled the hearing such that it was over in about 20 minutes and resulted in the most favorable outcome for my mother. I am so glad my mother chose Brown & Dahan to represent her, and I would highly recommend Kathy Brown and Denise Heinz as excellent, professional lawyers. You'll be in good hands!

The Law offices of Brown and Dahan are a excellent team. They were warm and understanding of each situation. My needs were met in a timely matter. Big thank!

I came to Nancy at my wits end, in desperate need of not only an attorney, but someone who would listen to me and fight for my family..... That's exactly what she did. Both Nancy and Denise were fantastic. The office staff are truly incredible. They are always there to talk you through anything and answer any questions you may have. I'm truly grateful I found this firm.

Brown and Dahan is amazing! Everyone in the entire office is extremely helpful and understanding. My lawyer Denise Heinz is the best lawyer in have in your corner. She is strong, smart and thoughtful with her every move. I can't thank everyone enough for helping me thru one of the most difficult times of my life. They are the best!

I recently went through a divorce after 28 years of marriage. As you can imagine it was emotionally draining. I met with a few law firms in Orange County before deciding to go with Brown & Dahan to represent me. They were professional, fully engaged and excellent at communicating through the process. Whenever I visited their office or spoke with someone on their team by phone everyone was so friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

I highly recommend this all female firm of family law attorneys. Everyone at Brown & Dahan is professional and knowledgeable about family law and all are responsive and courteous. Denise Vatani Heinz, my attorney, is naturally confident in her abilities and is faithful to the core. She has supported me through a very difficult time, instilling confidence in me and encouraging me to stay strong as I face my abusive ex-husband. She is bright and vivacious, always one step ahead of the game and has a wicked sense of humor, which really helps when you’re nervous and unsure.

I feel defended and well represented with Denise by my side. We connected immediately and she took time to understand the complex details of my case. With some intelligent questioning on her part she was able put together a solid plan of action, which included alternatives and suggestions to allow for differing outcomes. She secured the judgment in full and is now strategizing on how to collect.

I am so pleased to have found Brown & Dahan and recommend Denise and the firm to anyone needing first-rate family law representation.

Brown and Dahan, LLP was able to provide everything I requested. Nancy Dahan, my child support attorney, was able to receive a court order in my favor regarding child support payments and visitation. Although I may not have agreed with all of her suggestions, I trusted her and she came through for me, protecting my child with more than I could have ever expected. Denise, another attorney, who also worked on my case was periodically involved and she was always knowledgeable about my case. The staff was always on the same page. So, if you want results in your child support case, look no further...Brown and Dahan is your answer.

Very pleased with the hard work, tenacity and thoughtful service provided by Brown & Dahan. They worked tirelessly for me and provided excellent legal expertise.

Brown and Dahan provided an easy process with filing my divorce. This company handled it very professional and would recommend.

I am so thankful for the guidance of my attorney, Denise Vatani Heinz, as well as all the staff at Brown and Dahan. During a difficult and complicated time, they were responsive, pro-active and professional while also compassionate. I am grateful to have found a firm that walked me step-by-step through the court system and process, was open about cost and options and provided wisdom and guidance through complicated custody case.

Discovering Brown and Dahan in March 2017 via google was truly a Godsend. Last September, I got an emergency protective order against the father of my daughter for the second time. He was also fighting a criminal case, wherein I was not only a victim but also a key witness. When I first got the EPO, I retained an attorney a few days later to fight for custody on my daughter, who at the time was only 3 months old. But the man that I hired was old and lazy, and after months of being generally unimpressed by his work, God sent me a message, which was to fire him. I imagined that he was the type that skipped work at 3 pm to get a dirty martini and I was utterly disheartened and genuinely perturbed by his demeanor. I had hundreds of pieces of evidence and my case against the defendant was so complex, as there were so many layers of abuse, that I felt that he would not take the time needed to sort through all of my evidence to create a rock solid case. So, for no specific reason, I fired him and though I felt guilty because he was such a nice man, I had a serious case to fight and urgently needed the right team in place, preferably all female. I then googled "most aggressive female attorneys in Orange County" and almost immediately stumbled upon the amazing Nancy Dahan. I did some research on her and was very impressed by what I saw. I also knew which building her office was located in, which was in close proximity to my home, so on top of being pleased with the results that my google search rendered, I was equally happy about the location. I then called to make an appointment (on a side note, the receptionist Ginny is a doll; so professional, sweet and warm). I got an appointment for the next day and was ready to roll. When I walked in, I was immediately impressed by the decor; it is modern and right up my alley. I then waited for Nancy for a few minutes and almost as soon as she sat down, I knew she was THE ONE. She is a beautiful and very petite woman with conviction in her voice. I was hoping to find an attorney who was articulate, elegant, female, intelligent, and who would be a pit bull in the courtroom. Once I told her my background and about the case I was fighting, she made it very clear that she does not take on just anyone but that she liked me and felt that we had all of the ingredients to win. I am sure it helped that I was organized ad nauseum. I immediately hired Nancy and we got to work. Four hours after the attorney that I had fired sent over the substitution form and evidence file to Nancy, he died from a heart attack. Like I said before, Nancy was literally a Godsend for me. Her entire team is nothing short of spectacular. They are all extremely well-organized and thorough. Because the defendant's criminal case had still be going on, my family court case kept getting continued, which frustrated me beyond belief. But July 11 was game day. A few days before that, the court contacted her to tell her that they needed to push the case out until the end of September but because the defendant was going to be shipped off to prison by then, we had to get it done on July 11 as planned. The day of court was emotionally exhausting but we won--I got sole legal and physical custody of my daughter with no visitation rights whatsoever. In addition, the permanent restraining and last name change to my last name were both granted. July 11 was undoubtedly the hardest day of my life but it was also the most rewarding day. I would refer Brown and Dahan to absolutely anyone who needs stellar representation in family law. Indeed, this firm is not inexpensive but it's also not overpriced. You get what you pay for, and given the fact that I won everything that I wanted to ensure the well-being of my precious daughter, and knowing that both my daughter and I are now safe, I am forever indebted to this incredible woman and to her entire team.

As I like to say, team work makes the dream work. Thank you, Nancy. God Bless!