Discovering Brown and Dahan in March 2017 via google was truly a Godsend. Last September, I got an emergency protective order against the father of my daughter for the second time. He was also fighting a criminal case, wherein I was not only a victim but also a key witness. When I first got the EPO, I retained an attorney a few days later to fight for custody on my daughter, who at the time was only 3 months old. But the man that I hired was old and lazy, and after months of being generally unimpressed by his work, God sent me a message, which was to fire him. I imagined that he was the type that skipped work at 3 pm to get a dirty martini and I was utterly disheartened and genuinely perturbed by his demeanor. I had hundreds of pieces of evidence and my case against the defendant was so complex, as there were so many layers of abuse, that I felt that he would not take the time needed to sort through all of my evidence to create a rock solid case. So, for no specific reason, I fired him and though I felt guilty because he was such a nice man, I had a serious case to fight and urgently needed the right team in place, preferably all female. I then googled "most aggressive female attorneys in Orange County" and almost immediately stumbled upon the amazing Nancy Dahan. I did some research on her and was very impressed by what I saw. I also knew which building her office was located in, which was in close proximity to my home, so on top of being pleased with the results that my google search rendered, I was equally happy about the location. I then called to make an appointment (on a side note, the receptionist Ginny is a doll; so professional, sweet and warm). I got an appointment for the next day and was ready to roll. When I walked in, I was immediately impressed by the decor; it is modern and right up my alley. I then waited for Nancy for a few minutes and almost as soon as she sat down, I knew she was THE ONE. She is a beautiful and very petite woman with conviction in her voice. I was hoping to find an attorney who was articulate, elegant, female, intelligent, and who would be a pit bull in the courtroom. Once I told her my background and about the case I was fighting, she made it very clear that she does not take on just anyone but that she liked me and felt that we had all of the ingredients to win. I am sure it helped that I was organized ad nauseum. I immediately hired Nancy and we got to work. Four hours after the attorney that I had fired sent over the substitution form and evidence file to Nancy, he died from a heart attack. Like I said before, Nancy was literally a Godsend for me. Her entire team is nothing short of spectacular. They are all extremely well-organized and thorough. Because the defendant's criminal case had still be going on, my family court case kept getting continued, which frustrated me beyond belief. But July 11 was game day. A few days before that, the court contacted her to tell her that they needed to push the case out until the end of September but because the defendant was going to be shipped off to prison by then, we had to get it done on July 11 as planned. The day of court was emotionally exhausting but we won--I got sole legal and physical custody of my daughter with no visitation rights whatsoever. In addition, the permanent restraining and last name change to my last name were both granted. July 11 was undoubtedly the hardest day of my life but it was also the most rewarding day. I would refer Brown and Dahan to absolutely anyone who needs stellar representation in family law. Indeed, this firm is not inexpensive but it's also not overpriced. You get what you pay for, and given the fact that I won everything that I wanted to ensure the well-being of my precious daughter, and knowing that both my daughter and I are now safe, I am forever indebted to this incredible woman and to her entire team.

As I like to say, team work makes the dream work. Thank you, Nancy. God Bless!